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About “The Toan Lam Show”

Experience the magic of conversation with host Toan Lam (pronounced like “Antoine” without the “An”) as he explores life’s zigs and zags in a fun, fearless, fabulous way with a diversity of inspiring guests who will lift your spirits and shift your perspective on life’s challenges. More

Meet Toan Lam

A motivational speaker and former TV reporter, PBS host and university instructor, Toan Lam proves you can achieve your dreams if you tune in to your truth and “DO YOU, BOO.” Growing up as a refugee who has overcome numerous tragedies through perseverance and resilience, Toan is blazing a path to becoming the first Asian American male talk show host. More

Broadcasting Inspiration

As a Storyteller and Inspirator (a.k.a. “someone who inspires”), Toan possesses a gift for forging genuine connections with people that pierce their innermost being — infusing wisdom and prompting lively conversations that lead to life lessons. Interest in Toan and “The Toan Lam Show” has resulted in several TV stations inviting him to talk about manifesting his lifelong dream of being the first Asian American male talk show host and why he wants to inspire you to live your dream. More

Show Testimonials

“Toan is a force of light who effortlessly brings people together through his media platforms to generate thoughtful inspiration, joy and community. He is a natural connector and a skilled storyteller who can magically bring out others’ stories and show the ways we are all connected on this journey of life. ‘The Toan Lam Show’ is a gift to this world and I can’t wait to see it shown in every household!”
—Dr. Gladys Ato