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Talk that Elevates and Radiates

Let’s face it, we are living in a fast-paced world full of distractions and bad news. Your spirits will be lifted and shifted as Toan works his gift of gab to connect us to our higher selves.

-If you’ve ever been afraid to chase a dream or are in a rut, this show is for you.
-If you’re looking for love (or self-love) in all the wrong places, this show is for you.
-If you’re wanting to be better and do better, this show is for you!

Note from Toan:
I’ve been fortunate to achieve many of my dreams by my early 30s: TV reporter in San Francisco, co-host of the PBS show “California Heartland” and university instructor. It took a lot of hard work, determination and getting through some dark places to be able to share the light and life lessons with people on similar journeys. My wildest dream is to host my very OWN TALK SHOW and it’s happening! Join me for a whole lot of inspiration and fun.

Get to Know Toan Lam

As a child growing up in a trailer park in South Sacramento, Toan Lam didn't think his story mattered. "Who would care about a Chinese kid on welfare, dependent on food stamps and Section 8 housing to survive?" he thought.

His gift of connecting with people and a voracious appetite for reading was his ticket out of a seemingly hopeless situation. He discovered his power through many challenges: losing four family members in a year's time and getting laid off from his “dream job” as a TV reporter in San Francisco. Toan took these challenges on as a blessing. Instead of covering tragic news stories, he was driven to tell diverse stories about everyday heroes — which led to his next chapter as Chief Inspirator of Go Inspire Go. His work has been featured on Good Morning America, Disney and Hallmark Channels and Yahoo.

Toan is a sought-after speaker and producer of the documentary, “Caregiving: The Circle of Love,” which highlights three caregiving heores in the Asian American community.

Discover more about Toan at his official website.

Show Testimonials

“I am so happy I got a chance to be a part of the live studio audience of ‘The Toan Lam Show.’ The room was vibrating with love and LOLs. An exhilarating experience to hear the incredible stories of persistence and growth. Toan seamlessly engaged the guests and audience — informing and entertaining at the same time. Toan was in his element. I’m excited to see more!”
—Bahareh Sarhangi