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Toan Lam, host of "The Toan Lam Show"

Media Coverage

KTVU Fox 2, “Mornings on 2”

Toan joined KTVU FOX 2’s Dave Clark to discuss why he stayed true to his path, fulfilling his own American Dream to become a talk show host, and not his parents’ ambitions for him to be a doctor, lawyer or engineer (sorry, Mom and Dad!). He revealed why following your truth and chasing your ultimate dream matters to him and you.

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KPIX 5 CBS SF, “Bay Area Focus”

Toan shared with KPIX 5 CBS SF’s Kenny Choi about how surmounting hardships throughout his life (“the zigs/zags and ups/downs”) led him to discover his authentic power, why representation matters in the media and how his show will LIFT your spirits, GIFT you with inspiration and SHIFT your perspective on the challenges you’re facing.

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NBC Bay Area, “Asian Pacific America”

Toan took a walk down memory lane with his former mentor Robert Handa, host of NBC Bay Area’s “Asian Pacific America,” who confessed he always saw “something special in him.” Toan opens up about his humble beginnings as a refugee from Vietnam and why he didn’t think his own story mattered until he tapped into his diverse truth.

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Toan in the News

Forbes: “This Immigrant Found His ‘American Dream’ In Inspiring Others To Give Back”

“After a successful career in TV reporting, today he is following his passion: To inspire others to dedicate themselves to service.”

Forbes: “‘Happy News Year’ from Go Inspire Go”

“Toan Lam tells us a different story. Toan is the founder of Go Inspire Go, a nonprofit that tells the authentic stories of everyday heroes around the world. I was blown away by these stories. I wanted to hear more. Specifically, I wanted to know why Toan cared so much about other peoples’ journeys. I wanted to know his origin story.”

Show Testimonials

“Toan is a force of light who effortlessly brings people together through his media platforms to generate thoughtful inspiration, joy and community. He is a natural connector and a skilled storyteller who can magically bring out others’ stories and show the ways we are all connected on this journey of life. ‘The Toan Lam Show’ is a gift to this world and I can’t wait to see it shown in every household!”
—Dr. Gladys Ato
“I am so happy I got a chance to be a part of the live studio audience of ‘The Toan Lam Show.’ The room was vibrating with love and LOLs. An exhilarating experience to hear the incredible stories of persistence and growth. Toan seamlessly engaged the guests and audience — informing and entertaining at the same time. Toan was in his element. I’m excited to see more!”
—Bahareh Sarhangi
“I LOVED and was thoroughly captivated by the pilot episodes of ‘The Toan Lam Show.’ Toan’s authentic way of disarming, connecting and squeezing the best out of his guests makes Toan credible, likable and relatable. You can feel that each guest opened their hearts to tell Toan about their journeys and the obstacles they faced.”
—Ankit Agarwal